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Available Roles

4 men, 2 women

ADAM WEBSTER – A mystery writer 
LAURA BENSON – An attractive woman 
ROY BENSON – Laura's shady husband 
RITA MALONE – Roy's sexy girlfriend 
JOHNNY BUBBLES – A gangster 

Location:  545 Shasta Ave., Morro Bay


Audition Dates:  

Saturday 8/7, 1-4 pm

Monday 8/9, 6:30-9:00pm 


Performance Dates:

Sept 24 - Oct 17


Director:  Sheridan Cole


Cold read from script.

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Available Roles

Location:  545 Shasta Ave., Morro Bay


Audition Dates:  



Performance Dates:

Weekends Nov 5 - 7


Director:  Anita Schwaber

Cold read from script.

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Location:  545 Shasta Ave., Morro Bay


Audition Dates:  

mid September TBD


Performance Dates:

Weekends Nov 19 - Dec 12


Director:  Kelli M Poward


Please prepare a 1 - 2 minute monologue. Cold read from script. 30 second acapella song if auditioning for 

BERNARD S. DUNLAP - General Manager of the Palm Beach Royale Hotel & Spa. Physical comedy/strength - must be able to carry a fellow actor. (male, 40's - 50's)

CLAUDIA MCFADDEN - America's beloved matron of song. Diva. Larger than life. Elegantly-dressed tornado. Sings. (female, 40's - 50's)

ATHENA SINCLAIR - A great star of stage and screen. Diva. Hollywood royalty/screen siren. Sings. (female, 40's - 50's)

MURPHY STEVENS - Athena's personal secretary. Young, pretty, efficient. Romantic scenes. (female, 20's - 30's)

MR. PIPPET - Claudia's personal secretary. Jumpy. Physical comedy/strength - must be able to carry a fellow actor. (male, 20's - 50's)

DORA DEL RIO - A gossip columnist. Quintessential reporter. Physical comedy. Must be comfortable being lifted, and falling. (female, 30's - 50's)

MRS. EVERETT P. OSGOOD A society matron and president of the Palm Beach Ladies for Unity. Matronly, stylish, busybody, a bit daft. (female, 50+)

FRANCIS - A bellhop. Physical comedy. Romantic scenes. (male, 20's - 40's)

OTIS - A bellhop. Physical comedy. (male, 20's - 40's)

By the Sea Productions is holding auditions for the Agatha Christie play “Murder on the Orient Express,” with weekend performance dates August 5 through September 4.  Rehearsals will begin in June.  Director is Sandy Bosworth.

Audition dates: Sunday, May 22 at 5 pm and Wednesday, May 25 at 6 pm. 

Address: 545 Shasta Ave., Morro Bay.  

Contact: / 805-776-3287.


NOTE: All auditioners must provide photo ID and proof of full COVID vaccination.


All roles open.  Read from script.


1) Hercules Poirot - The famous Belgian detective, age 30+. 

2) Monsieur Bouc – Belgian railroad manager, 30+.


3) Hector McQueen – Nervous, anxious American, 25+.  

4) Double role: Colonel Arbuthnot, a Scotsman and  Mr. Ratchet, an American businessman, 30+
5) Double role: Michel, French train conductor and  Headwaiter, 30+.

6) Mary Debenham – Sad British woman, 20s-30s.
7) Mrs. Hubbard – Outspoken American, 50+
8) Princess Dragomiroff – Russian society woman, 60+
9) Greta – Swedish ladies companion – age open.

10) Countess Andrenyi – Beautiful Hungarian woman, 20s-30s.


NOTE: This is an international cast, so accents are welcome but not required.