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A Rainbow Holiday by Lori Sigrist and Joe Simonelli
Directed by Samvel Gottlieb
Performance Dates:
11/17 - 11/19
11/24 - 11/26
12/01 - 12/03


By the Sea Productions - 545 Shasta Ave, Morro Bay, CA
Day 1: Saturday, September 2nd | 1pm - 4pm
Day 2: Tuesday, September 5th | 6pm - 8pm


Auditions will consist of one 30 second - 1 minute monologue and cold reads from the script.


This play of acceptance and inclusiveness is set at Thanksgiving at the home of Maggie Anderson and
 Jerry Collins. Maggie is expecting her gay son Adam and his new boyfriend (also named Adam) for the Holiday. What she is not expecting is a surprise visit from her fundamentalist daughter and her new husband. Maggie must walk an hilarious tightrope in order not to offend either of her children, who seldom see eye to eye on any issues. Add to the mix Jerry's married daughter and her husband, who are going through a crisis of their own, and the table is set for both laughter and tears.


"A beautiful and timely holiday tale of family and acceptance" Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio.

Open Roles:
JERRY COLLINS, 60s-70s, Maggie’s live-in boyfriend and partner
ADAM ANDERSON, 20s-40s, Maggie’s son
ADAM KENT, 20s - 40s, Adam’s boyfriend
ALLISON BOYER, 20s-40s, Maggie’s daughter, Adam’s sister
DANIEL BOYER, 20s-40s, Allison’s husband
JULIE MASON, 20s-40s, Jerry’s daughter
MARK MASON, 20s-40s, Julie’s husband


Rehearsals will be held during the evening hours on weekdays and will include some weekend days, depending on cast availability. All auditioners must show proof of Covid vaccination.

If you have further questions, email me at

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Available Roles

4 men, 2 women

ADAM WEBSTER – A mystery writer 
LAURA BENSON – An attractive woman 
ROY BENSON – Laura's shady husband 
RITA MALONE – Roy's sexy girlfriend 
JOHNNY BUBBLES – A gangster 

Location:  545 Shasta Ave., Morro Bay


Audition Dates:  

Saturday 8/7, 1-4 pm

Monday 8/9, 6:30-9:00pm 


Performance Dates:

Sept 24 - Oct 17


Director:  Sheridan Cole


Cold read from script.

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Available Roles

Location:  545 Shasta Ave., Morro Bay


Audition Dates:  



Performance Dates:

Weekends Nov 5 - 7


Director:  Anita Schwaber

Cold read from script.

Suite rectangle no date.jpg

Location:  545 Shasta Ave., Morro Bay


Audition Dates:  

mid September TBD


Performance Dates:

Weekends Nov 19 - Dec 12


Director:  Kelli M Poward


Please prepare a 1 - 2 minute monologue. Cold read from script. 30 second acapella song if auditioning for 

BERNARD S. DUNLAP - General Manager of the Palm Beach Royale Hotel & Spa. Physical comedy/strength - must be able to carry a fellow actor. (male, 40's - 50's)

CLAUDIA MCFADDEN - America's beloved matron of song. Diva. Larger than life. Elegantly-dressed tornado. Sings. (female, 40's - 50's)

ATHENA SINCLAIR - A great star of stage and screen. Diva. Hollywood royalty/screen siren. Sings. (female, 40's - 50's)

MURPHY STEVENS - Athena's personal secretary. Young, pretty, efficient. Romantic scenes. (female, 20's - 30's)

MR. PIPPET - Claudia's personal secretary. Jumpy. Physical comedy/strength - must be able to carry a fellow actor. (male, 20's - 50's)

DORA DEL RIO - A gossip columnist. Quintessential reporter. Physical comedy. Must be comfortable being lifted, and falling. (female, 30's - 50's)

MRS. EVERETT P. OSGOOD A society matron and president of the Palm Beach Ladies for Unity. Matronly, stylish, busybody, a bit daft. (female, 50+)

FRANCIS - A bellhop. Physical comedy. Romantic scenes. (male, 20's - 40's)

OTIS - A bellhop. Physical comedy. (male, 20's - 40's)

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